Tuesday, December 18, 2012

my biasss

sorry it's because i suddenly have this urge to actually shout out my biases ;AAA;
  • ukiss
  • mblaq
  • b.a.p
  • block b
  • baekpo (100%)
not-really-bias but i like theeeeem D:
  • tintap (widely-known as Teen Top) especially Ricky.... and Niel. ...Chunji too.. and L.Joe.. and Changjo.. and.. CAP. well all actually.
  • b2st especially Jang Hyunseung
  • 4minute's Hyuna (well, i kind of like her bcuz she's in Troublemaker with saranghaneul Hyunseungie♥)
  • G.NA (lol she's the first lady of kpop that i like D:)
  • HoMin (TVXQ)
i usually anticipate all the famous idols such as big bangie, suju, snsd, 2ne1, f(x), everybody but i don't LOVE them as i love ukisseu D: 

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