Sunday, April 21, 2013


great and yeah hi worlds of the dead and undead and yeah yeah yeah i'm feeling like shitz. yeah, highlight that shitz

guess i'm overreacting but i feel DEAD TIRED. DEAD as in DEAD. yeah that DEAD like THE DEAD. 

stop. stop stop stop stop this is all just some effing trials from Allah okay dearest Alia Sharina?
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee be patientttttttttt cuz PATIENCE IS DIVINE and yussss DIVINEEEEEEE
yeah you know you have short temper but just this once kay? you're not feeling it alone. it's just that not everyone felt the way you do.

i'm getting headaches these days.
i hope you guys understand.
cuz i love you guys so much.
yeah you LOX.
i love you guys and i want to do the best.
and create Legendz like we are.
guess i'm imagining things.
i know all of you are taking parts in this project.
thank you so much for participating.
this is our year.
so let's cooperate for better future.

love, vice leader of 5 JM 2013

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