Thursday, December 5, 2013


lol at the post title
it makes me feel like an unstable nucleus of a radioactive substance.
lol sorry for remembering physics.

you know;

it feels lonely
cuz i'm not the type that know how to approach people
people may see that i'm like that
but i am actually not
i don't know how to describe these feelings,
but have you guys ever felt that there's something wrong somewhere?
like somehow it feels incomplete
but you don't even know the heck's that missing piece
maybe i'm just stepping further from Allah, well who knows?
i'm in this condition; i guess that is why.
i would always think negatively when i'm in this condition.
it feels like a bloody hell on earth.
have you guys feel this way?
like somehow you just don't belong
anywhere on earth?
i know cuz i am feeling it
my way
i don't know
it feels empty
like zero.
and hateful.
you simply feel like hating everything
and feeling like puking
maybe it's just the emptiness
i need to get use to this.

help me?

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